Packaging, while sometimes overlooked, can be the most important part of any product.

To prove this point, we connected with the team at BLIK, which makes an affordable, interactive way of putting art on your wall.

Started in 2002, Blik works with top artists/brands such as Keith Haring, Sanrio, Nintendo, Threadless & Upper Playground to name a few. What once was just a little wall decals company in Venice has become the leading designer and maker of innovative, removable surface graphics.

Their products can be found at topĀ online retailers such as Urban Outfitters, Nintendo World Store, Land of Nod and Home Depot Canada.

While the product is the hero, it is the packaging that creates the sale at retail & we are proud to partner with Blik and their talented team.

Let us know how we can help you!

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The Pink Party

Hoping you all had a Nice Holiday…

After 9 successful years, The Pink Party has evolved into one of the premier women’s cancer awareness events in the country.

We were sought out to create last years Invitations, which went over very well and were asked to print this years Invitations as well.

With Anne Hathaway as the evenings host, Retna as the Featured Artist, and Fashion Show designers including Chloe, Lanvin & Valentino, it was critical to make sure the Invitations were of the Highest Caliber possible.

With “Champagne” Sponsorship costing $100,000, this is a high-end event with no detail overlooked, down to the printables.

We were asked to create an “All Inclusive” Invitation that “popped” upon opening the envelope. Included were imagery of last years event, details on the promoters, event details & RSVP Card.

A sheet of Copper Reflective Paper with Black Foil Stamping was mounted to a Black Card Stock with Pocket to hold all the Information.

Take a look at this custom crafted piece – We look forward to your thoughts!

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If you can make it in NYC, you can make it anywhere…

We always stress the importance of looking good, whether you’re a startup, or a Fortune 500 Brand.

We’re happy to share a Case Study of what one of our clients was able to make happen with Top Notch Design + Print by Capitol Press + Out of the Box Creative Thinking.

BR4SS is an LA based Startup brand that makes Premium Men’s Essentials such as Fitted Boxers and Cologne. With design by Ed Hume & print by Capitol Press, we created a partnership which allowed BR4SS to shine and present it’s ideas to top retailers, media sources and marketing partners throughout the United States.

With limited financial resources, they made sure the little things looked good and it was enough to capture the attention of, a Non Profit affiliated with Viacom (MTV & BET).

Together BR4SS + Lifebeat co-developed collateral and were able to turn it into a “Times Square Takeover” with it’s message being shown on 2 Jumbotrons in Times Square for several days, garnering Millions of Impressions, alongside brands like Pepsi and others.

You know what they say: If you can make it in NYC, you can make it anywhere..

We look forward to working with you and helping to bring your ideas to life.

Design by: Ed Hume Design

Print by: Capitol Press

The Capitol Press Team

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Landing the deal

So you’ve got a great concept with a network of Investors that are willing to take a look at your project, but unfortunately in 2013, so does everyone else :)

Part of making things happen these days involves doing things that others DON’T. Whether it be a lack of resources, lack of creativity or something else. Image is everything & you really need to shine in order to capture someone’s attention.

Take a look at this Investment Deck that a client brought to us, after approaching several other printers that said “NO”. We were happy to take on the challenge of creating a very impactful piece.

We partnered with the client to create this very technical piece. The 5 books created included 1/8″ thick pages and we hand wrapped the outside with an exclusive wall paper. This “Outside The Box” look is certain to get a second look and if all goes as planned, you can expect to be eating at this Sushi Restaurant concept in the years to come!

The Capitol Press Team

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Save the date

They say Diamonds are a Girls Best Friend, but once the Bride has said “YES”, how do you go about letting your busy friends and family know about the Big Day, other than the typical Store Bought Options?

One Groom and Designer by Trade created a Die Cut His/Her Set to mail out to their Network – Once received, their recipients punched out the Bride & Groom to assemble a 3-D Pop Up for the house reminding them to save the date!

Weeks later, a set of Letterpressed Invites arrived to seal the deal.

Fun, Memorable to Stand Out in Today’s World is what we’re all about. And in Case you were wondering about the Bride’s Thoughts, she loved it…

“Mr. Glenn.

The future wife is VERY happy with everything. So thanks so much again!”

The Capitol Press Team

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The pink party

Cedars Sinai came to us with a vision for “the pink party”, an event they host in conjunction with stylist Elyse Walker that benefits women’s cancer programs at the hospital.

This year’s event, to be hosted by Michelle Pfeiffer, will showcase fashion from designers such as Valentino, Stella McCartney and features popular contemporary artist Retna.

With reserved lounge seating starting at $10,000 & an A List of Confirmed Guests, it was critical to share the event in a way that would be impactful and exclusive. Capitol Press stepped in to bring their vision to life, making sure all elements of this “all-inclusive” invite would be executed flawlessly and on time.

We like the Simple Sleeve with Custom Invitation, Classy Return Envelope, Hand Written Letter & wanted to share with you.
For More Information on the pink party

The Capitol Press Team



In a world gone digital, consumers are bombarded with sales messages that are in one ear & out the other in a matter of minutes. In these trying times, how do you create desire for your brand?
As a 50 year strong boutique print shop, we’re fans of the old world, a world in which experience was created through physical means.

Monster Energy and BR4SS Underwear came to us and mentioned they were doing live events throughout Los Angeles and wanted to add to the experience in a meaningful, relevant way.

From Custom Crafted Invites, VIP Lanyards, Parking Tickets and Promotional Items, they worked with Capitol Press to guarantee branding at all touch points, therefore maximizing their impact.

Their Consumers are taken out of their day to day lives into an environment with great food, live music, beautiful people and endlessly flowing drinks. The message is to simply enjoy, there is no actual selling per se and the end result is desire in the brands, which has ultimately led to new sales channels and retail turnover in the market.

We understand that printing is just one part of the equation, but when used properly, it is definitely not something to skip over…

The Capitol Press Team


Another one for the books…

The Los Angeles Screenings is a large industry event that happens annually. It is an opportunity for program buyers from around the world to check out the newest primetime television pilots. You can be certain that presentations & media decks are over the top.

FOX worked with CAPITOL PRESS this year to take a slightly different approach. They wanted to stand out by creating a minimalistic, green, yet still impactful media deck.

The client started out by picking recycled papers & we applied a series of unique processes to create a “ghosted” effect that is very subtle at first glance, but really draws you in when you take a closer look.

We then mounted the cover stock with a unique binding & shape, The media deck more than caught the attention of the industry.

Another one for the books..

The Capitol Press Team


Looking to stand out?

Consider “Edge Painting” your next batch of print work. This process looks especially good on thicker letterpress stocks.

It starts with a custom pantone color mixed to your specs. After carefully clamping your project down, we “paint” the sides making sure to blot excess ink.

The process is time consuming & is all done by hand with our Signature “White Glove” Service – We think the end result speaks for itself.

Check it out & let us know if you have any questions or comments.

The Capitol Press Team





Practice what you preach

If you haven’t noticed, we’ve been preaching an awful lot about making sure your image really makes a statement about you. Well, after looking in the mirror, we’ve decided to freshen up our own image.

We’ll be rolling out a new website, but in the meantime take a look at our new Letterpress Business Cards & Media Deck.

Nice, simple pieces that are classy & impactful, that reflect the heritage of our company but deliver our message in a modern way. The design is very visual & features minimal copy so that we don’t bore any of you out there.

We’re always sharing with you things that WE think are cool. Now is the time to get your thoughts on OUR new look-in-the-making.

The Capitol Press Team


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