Landing the deal

So you’ve got a great concept with a network of Investors that are willing to take a look at your project, but unfortunately in 2013, so does everyone else :)

Part of making things happen these days involves doing things that others DON’T. Whether it be a lack of resources, lack of creativity or something else. Image is everything & you really need to shine in order to capture someone’s attention.

Take a look at this Investment Deck that a client brought to us, after approaching several other printers that said “NO”. We were happy to take on the challenge of creating a very impactful piece.

We partnered with the client to create this very technical piece. The 5 books created included 1/8″ thick pages and we hand wrapped the outside with an exclusive wall paper. This “Outside The Box” look is certain to get a second look and if all goes as planned, you can expect to be eating at this Sushi Restaurant concept in the years to come!

The Capitol Press Team

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