Keep it simple stupid

In print & design, most people think bigger is better. “Add More Pages”, “Throw More Effects into it”, “Add Spot UV”, etc.

We’ve heard it all. Sometimes Simpler is Better.

Supply & Demand Integrated is a client we work with in the Entertainment Industry. They have a great design aesthetic & came to us for the simplest of things: Business Cards & Note Pads. However the End Result goes to show that sometimes the simplest things are the most impactful.

After collaborating with the client & offering our creative insight, we used our Indigo Press to make Business Cards that were then mounted together to make a double thick card that would make your co workers jealous.

On the Notepad, we customized it with Black Back Stock instead of Standard Chipboard. Instead of using a Clear Glue to hold it all together, we blended a Custom Black Glue for a combined look that makes Visitors want to steal the pads, said S&D.

The Capitol Press Team




Since 1966

t’s a good thing to be in great company. With that being said, we are very proud to have the clients that we do. Having been in business since 1966, we have retained our clients due to our individualized service & attention to detail.

Let us know how we can bring your ideas to life.

The Capitol Press Team


Cloutier Remix

Cloutier Remix is a world renowned agency that represents the best hair, makeup artists & stylists in the world. When your clients include Beyonce, Shakira & Faith Hill - Image is certainly everything.

It’s tough to get people’s attention in a world gone digital. With the post office on the verge of bankruptcy, you might ask why you would spend $.44 to mail a letter to someone when you can message them on facebook or send them a quick email.

The answer is anyone who wants to stand out. Mail, more than ever before stands out, as most people are spending less.

Cloutier Remix was looking to make an impression with clients & colleagues. By using simple, impactful design & creative/printing services by Capitol Press, we created a simple, inexpensive way of keeping in touch and making sure their their brand was IN peoples hands.


We look forward to working with you.

The Capitol Press Team




We were recently approached by FX Networks to assist them with a custom Media Launch Kit for Season 3 of their show “The League”

They had some ideas of what they wanted to accomplish, and our team designed a clean kit that holds a Media Guide & DVD.

This was printed on our Offset Press & we handled all of the final assembly, including DVD insertion.

The client was short on time, so we also handled fulfillment & logistics including UPS Overnighting these to all of the Major Press Outlets around the nation.

If your looking for a unique way of reaching out to the media or your clients, let us work with you to create something that DEMANDS ATTENTION.

We look forward to working with you.

The Capitol Press Team

IMG_2741-a8488ac4186f344f94dae3beb6322e62 IMG_2742-b7337ff3f62e85043e08ddb2bc1234b8


Iconic American Brand, Pabst Blue Ribbon reached out to Capitol Press when they were looking for a unique way of presenting their re-branding efforts to their distributors. They had a great idea that needed to be executed… and fast.

Since they wanted the piece to be diecut to look like a can of beer, our art team took extra care to make sure the keyline was perfect before creating a custom die.

We printed this job on our Offset Press and had to diecut the job in 1 business day, to ensure the client had what they needed for several important meetings the following day. All work was done in-house.

IMAGE IS EVERYTHING & this is a great example of using print to attract attention in a world with a short attention span.

We look forward to working with you.

The Capitol Press Team



We hope all is well with your team – The presses are running here at Capitol Press and we’re going to regularly keep in touch and let you know about what’s new at the shop.
As a valued customer, you can expect to receive photos of cool jobs we are running, printing tips, unique processes and information you may (or may not) have known.
If you have any questions or concerns – feel free to contact us!


The facts about being “green”
With all the talk these day’s about going paperless to be “green”, we decided to email you some actual facts that bring some light to the situation.
-We are NOT running out of trees! The USDA Forest Service says 4 million trees are planted every day in the USA – 1,700,000 of them by the wood and paper industries.
-There are 12 million more acres of US forestland today than 20 years ago.
-Paper is one of the most recycled products in the US, with the total recovery rate estimated to be over 60%.
-Over 200 million items of e-waste are thrown away every year in the USA, resulting in 70% of the toxic waste in US landfills.
-Burning a CD can produce 4 times as much carbon dioxide as printing a 100 page annual report.
-62 trillion spam emails are sent every year, contributing greenhouse gases equivalent to 2 billion gallons of gasoline.
Just because it’s paperless, doesn’t mean it’s greener.
Call today and use the best sustainability practices when you print. Recycled/sustainable papers, low VOC inks and chemicals, used plate recycling, off cut recycling and less packaging can all help to minimize the footprint of print.



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For nearly 50 years, our skilled craftsmen have manufactured custom, unique items using processes such as die cutting, foil work, litho, digital, large format and letterpress.

We take a collaborative approach to printing and will custom tailor a product around your vision.

While we can do the basics, our strength lies in our ability to create custom crafted print that demands attention & gets results in today’s world.