Practice what you preach

If you haven’t noticed, we’ve been preaching an awful lot about making sure your image really makes a statement about you. Well, after looking in the mirror, we’ve decided to freshen up our own image.

We’ll be rolling out a new website, but in the meantime take a look at our new Letterpress Business Cards & Media Deck.

Nice, simple pieces that are classy & impactful, that reflect the heritage of our company but deliver our message in a modern way. The design is very visual & features minimal copy so that we don’t bore any of you out there.

We’re always sharing with you things that WE think are cool. Now is the time to get your thoughts on OUR new look-in-the-making.

The Capitol Press Team


IMG_2970-015f76612531d3c208bdbb565b0b4cfc IMG_2975-f5f0059ca3643b0c0cc0b6ce1a3594db

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